Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Militello's Bakery - Shelby Twp, Michigan

We (or more accurately) my wife discovered Militello's Bakery when she was planning our wedding.  The knot suggested several bakeries in the metro Detroit area, but none of them ended up as her final pick.  We sat down on a Saturday with Gasper Militello, the owner, and had a sampling of his specialty - European Tortes.  To be honest, until that day occurred I had no idea that cake could be so delicious.  It was light and airy and had such an elegance to it.  It was beautiful.  We chose the pineapple mandarin orange torte and it was amazing!  It has become a tradition to celebrate our anniversary with a Militello Torte every year.

Militello's is a family owned business and has been making amazing European Tortes and other pastries for three generations -25 years.  They offer 19 different Torte flavors.  Aside from our wedding cake favorite, we have also enjoyed tiramisu, kaluha, and the strawberry torte.  Make sure you call ahead to schedule an appointment for free cake sampling and enjoy your time with Gasper (I loved his enthusiasm)! They make tortes for any occasion and from the picture below, you can see that we were NOT disappointed. =)

Militello's Bakery
52950 Vandyke Rd. Shelby Twp, MI 48316
Closed Sundays
Monday - Friday: 6am to 6pm
Saturday: 7am to 5pm

Quality & Variety: 98
Quality of Service: 93
Value: 100
Atmosphere: 90
Overall: 95 (Excellent - A Must Try)

Our Wedding Cake by Militello's Bakery (Taylor Grey Photography)

We always get our wedding favorite: Pineapple Mandarin Orange Torte!

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