Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pilar's Tamales - Ann Arbor, Michigan

My wife and I have been wanting to try Pilar's Tamales since we saw their food cart last weekend at the Ann Arbor's Farmer's Market.  It was such a treat meeting the owner, Sylvia.  I loved her hospitality and she was very enthusiastic about her Salvadoran cuisine and South American drinks.  Sylvia is especially proud of her hibiscus tea and horchata.  I'm not much of a hisbiscus tea drinker, but my wife loved it and my brother enjoyed the tamarind drink.  Since we were first-timers, Sylvia recommended the tamale special: one tamale, casamiento, fried plantains, curtido, and a house drink.  The meal was very good.  I can't wait to try the pupusa which is a handmade tortilla filled with meat, cheeses, and refried beans then grilled.                 

Pilar's Tamales is named after Sylvia's Aunt Pilar.  Sylvia and her mom pride themselves in using the freshest ingredients including organic, locally-grown produce, and meat (free of antibiotics and hormones).  They offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.  Everything is home-made and delicious!  Pilar's also offers full-service catering.  Make sure you stop in soon and visit Sylvia at her cafe location or you can also enjoy her tamales at the Ann Arbor's Farmer's Market or at the Westside Farmer's Market - every Thursday (3-7pm) from June 6 thru September 26.

Pilar's Tamales
2261 West Liberty Street, A2
Closed on Mondays

Tuesday - Friday: 10-7pm
Saturday: 10-6pm
Pilar's Facebook Link

Quality of Food: 90
Quality of Service: 94
Value: 94
Atmosphere: 90
Overall: 92 (Very Good)

L to R: Hibiscus Tea, Tamarind Juice, & Horchata 

Chicken Tamales served with: Curtido, Fried Plantains, & Casamiento

Black Bean & Cheese Tamales: Organic black beans & special blend of cheeses

Chicken Tamales: filled with chicken, olives, potatoes, capers

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