Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ashley's - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ashley's has been part of downtown Ann Arbor since 1983. It was featured in Draft Magazine as one of the top 100 best beer bars in America.  Ashley's is about a five minute walk from The Diag (University of Michigan).  This pub features 72 beers on tap and three casks pour- from michigan microbrews to national & international craft ales and lagers. They also have an impressive collection of scotch and bourbon whiskies, which you can enjoy in "flights." 

To me, Ashley's is a lot like my freshmen year at Michigan State - ridiculous memories and great friends.  I can't pinpoint whether it's the beer, the Stilton fries, or the intellectual bonding during pub trivia (Mondays at 7pm) that brings depth to friendships.  Which ever it is, Ashley's will forever be a memorable place in A2 for me.              

338 S. State A2

Monday thru Saturday 11:30-2am
Sunday 12-12am

Quality of Food: 86
Quality of Service: 80
Value: 86
Atmosphere: 86
Overall: 84 (Average)
**If I rated on just the varieties of beer: 94 (Excellent - A Must Try!) and I would just go for the 72 beers on tap.  Eating is optional!

Ashley's - two doors down from Jimmy John's

Delicious Bar Staples: burgers, fish & chips, sandwiches, stilton fries, etc

Ashley's What's on Tap

The Beer (More than 60 beers on tap!) & Liquor (Rare Scotches & bourbons, etc) Menu

Bourbon Style Beef Tips with Rice Pilaf & Steamed Broccoli

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