Saturday, March 16, 2013

Babo: A Market By Sava - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Babo reminds me of the Bodegas that litter every street corner throughout New York City, with the exception that its layout and products are wonderfully unique.  This store is one-of-its-kind in A2.  Babo's ambience has a simple-yet-refined metropolitan feel to it. In the summer, the sidewalk patio opens up allowing patrons to enjoy refreshments (beer and wine) along with their meals.  

Babo carries coffee beans from three of my favorite places: RoosRoast, Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Co., and The Ugly Mug.  They carry baked goods from Avalon International Breads and you can even find gluten-free products in the store.  If you love spicy pickles, McClure's is the best and you can find it near the wine & beer section.  Make sure you stop by during Happy Hour (3pm-6pm daily) and get 20% off when you mix your own 6-pack.  My wife and I love their fresh squeezed juices and can't wait to try Babo's Juice Cleanse!

403 E. Washington St. A2
Babo's Facebook

Everyday 8am-10pm

Quality & Variety: 96
Quality of Service: 100
Value: 94
Atmosphere: 100
Overall: 97 (Excellent - A Must Try!)

403 Washington Street - Downtown Ann Arbor

Even the decaf coffee is delicious! (Colombia - Packaged for Babo - roasted by The Ugly Mug)

My brother, Dan.
McClure's Pickles & the Necessities: beer, wine, bitters, etc.
Cheese Platters: 20% off during Happy Hour: 3pm-6pm Daily.

RoosRoast Lobster Butter Love, Mighty Good Coffee varieties, Babo blends (roasted by The Ugly Mug)

Fresh Squeezed Juice is SO refreshing!!! (Red Grapefruit) & (Orange Juice, Carrot, Watermelon, Ginger)
Seaweed Salad, Turkey Meatballs in Sriracha Buffalo sauce, Tomato & Eggplant Rice, Peppers stuffed with Chorizo & Rice, Pesto Caprese Tomato salad - Super Delicious!

If you LOVE goat cheese -Bonne Bouche is very very good.

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